Why is hi vis workwear important?

Hight visibility (hi vis) workwear is important and necessary for certain professions because workers wearing them are more easily seen in bad weather conditions such as snow or rain, thus providing extra layer of security in the workplace.


4 benefits of hi vis clothing

Hi vis clothing is one of the most common types of personal protective equipment, given its wide use in various industries. Combined with safety footwear, this workwear can often be mistaken for a regular garment - but in reality, it is much more than that! Here are 4 benefits that hi vis clothing provides.

  • Safety in the workplace

Working in industries such as construction comes with its share of potential fatalities and as such, proper safety standards are essential. While safety footwear helps with locomotion, hi vis clothing makes you more visible to your colleagues at your work station. Hi vis workwear comes with glow properties that are visible even in gloomy weather. This helps to reduce any injuries at the workplace.

  • Adherence to legal standards

British health and safety regulations state that all safety workwear should be conspicuous and reflective. Hi vis clothing meets this requirement, making it quality workwear for those working in dangerous and busy environments. The result of this is the avoidance of legal costs, allowing you to increase your profit margins.


  • Protection against weather elements

Exterior attributes are not the only benefits that come with hi vis clothing. Due to its increased outdoor use, the hi vis workwear design also provides benefits suited to adverse weather environments. By wearing hi vis clothing, you are set with waterproof and insulating properties, leaving you fit for rainy and cold days. Lightweight workwear options also come in handy for summer use, allowing you to work freely without breaking a sweat.

  • Identification purposes

If you work in a high traffic work environment, hi vis clothing will allow you to differentiate your staff from any trespassers. It can also help with identification purposes when working with employees from different sectors, such as construction sites and office-based sectors. Additionally, such workwear comes in handy in restricted areas, serving as a security safeguard for identifying visitors from authorised personnel.

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