Buyer's Workwear Guide

Finding the right workwear for you can be tricky, after all, you're wearing these clothes 8+ hours a day and you need them to be comfortable right?

Why spend hours of your spare time flicking through coat hanger rails for a high-quality jacket? Buying online is easier and can save you a lot of time too.

Here are the top 5 reasons why buying workwear online is the way to go:


  • Industry-leading brands

We all know that cheap knockoffs don't last. When buying workwear, you need the real thing for a long-lasting finish.

We supply Dickies, Scruffs, TUFFSTUFF and Fort Workwear amongst many other industry-leading brands to bring you the best quality workwear money can buy.


  • It's quicker!

No one wants to spend their spare time searching for workwear in shops. With UK-wide delivery, we provide a quick and easy service, bringing your workwear right to your doorstep.

No hassle, no faff, just workwear straight to your home or place of work whenever you need it.


  • Wide variety of styles & sizes

Sometimes, it can be difficult finding the perfect style of workwear for you (not to mention the perfect size).

However, we cover everything from hi-vis workwear to chef's clothing and even children's wear. No matter your size or even your preference, we've got you covered.


  • Buying in bulk with free shipping over £75

Buying your workwear in bulk has always been a necessity. From buying staff members' uniforms to making sure you have enough clothing for a full working week, getting multiples of the same items is definitely important.

With free shipping for orders over £75, buying in bulk has never been easier or more affordable.

  • No hassle returns

We don't interrogate you for returning our items. If they're the wrong fit or they're simply not suitable, simply get in touch with us via email, live chat or give us a ring on 0141 847 5522 and we'll be happy to help you return your items.

Buying your workwear online doesn't have to be difficult. Have a browse through our website, see what catches your eye and your workwear will arrive at your door hassle-free.

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