Could the right workwear increase your income?

Choosing the right workwear should mean you have a sharp, practical and comfy all-purpose uniform. And choosing the right uniform, whether it’s industry-standard or your personal choice, could be crucial to your income and success.

43% of Britons view people in uniform as being more trustworthy, according to research via Business Matters. In addition, 94% of consumers prefer workers to wear uniforms since they’re easily recognisable, according to research by YouGov Galaxy Australia.

In a study via UK Talint Recruitment International and Simon Jersey, 64% of respondents believe that you can judge how good someone is at their job based on how they’re dressed. From the same research, 37% of managers have also chosen not to promote an employee, or raise their pay, because they dressed inappropriately for work.

Workwear: your ultimate sales tool?

Choosing the right workwear uniform is essential to your personal success, and the success of your business.

Wearing the sharpest, most appropriate workwear uniform (even if your role doesn’t involve wearing a "standard" industry uniform), can increase people’s perception of your competence and trustworthiness. Competence and trust are also crucial elements in successful sales and marketing – and for increasing the income of a business overall.

For any business to increase its income, it needs to ramp up the attention it receives from its market and to establish rock-solid trust with its ideal customers. Ultimately, people buy from brands that they know, like and trust – and a lot of this really comes down to first impressions.

These first impressions are something you can engineer dramatically in your favour, simply by choosing the right workwear uniform to look (and feel) like the best in the business for your customers. Think of yourself in terms of a personal brand – and definitely consider adding your own brand to your workwear using professional embroidery, to further increase that valuable element of rock-solid customer trust.

Choosing the best workwear supplier

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