How to choose safety footwear

Finding the right workwear shoes can be a challenge. First of all, there are a few questions toconsider. What is the nature of your profession? Does your workplace have a uniform policy toadhere to? How long will you be wearing the shoes? Once you know the answers to thesequestions, you can use our simple guide to choose your new protective footwear.Safety footwear is an essential piece of PPE in many professions. If you work in a construction,automotive or laboratory setting, it's likely that you are required to wear personal protectionequipment. Ask your employer about which of the UK safety protection ratings your footwear needsto comply with.

Assess the hazards in your workplace

By assessing the hazards in your workplace, you can find the right footwear solution for you. It'simportant to know the type of protection you need. This will vary for different tradespeople. You mayneed to safeguard your shins and ankles while operating heavy machinery or keep your feet safefrom sparks with EDS (electrostatic discharge) boots. Your workplace may specify that your bootsneed to comply with a hi-vis clothing policy.

Categories of PPE footwear

There are generally three categories of PPE footwear: trainers, boots and wellington boots. Eachtype of footwear pairs seamlessly with your favourite workwear trousers. Safety trainers arelightweight and ideal for wearing in warmer weather, and you can expect to find a comfortablepadded tongue and ankle collar in most styles. For added protection, many tradespeople choose to wear boots. The advantage of the additionalankle and shin protection is essential for certain trades. Whether you need your boots to bewaterproof, hi-vis or have a steel toe cap, we have a wide selection of premium quality and durablework boots.

The final category is wellington boots. Ideal for muddy or wet working conditions, rubber orneoprene boots are ideal for agriculture workers. With a non-slip sturdy grip and effective insulation,waterproof boots are perfect for all seasons.

Order your safety footwear today

The perfect safety footwear offers maximum protection and the highest levels of comfort. Find bootsthat work as hard as you do with our range of Safety Footwear

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