Top autumn workwear essentials you need this season

With autumn just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about those colder days and prepare for the season ahead. If you're working in construction, security, or other outdoor jobs, then you need to wrap up warm. In this post, we're going to look at the top five autumn workwear essentials you need this season, and how they can benefit your workday.


  • Safety Workwear Waterproofs

Standing out in the rain can be miserable, so keep yourself warm and dry with a high quality waterproof workwear. In 2019 alone, the autumn season saw of rainfall, making it one of the wettest seasons in the UK calendar. So whether you need a waterproof jacket or the head-to-toe package with trousers too, invest in a decent waterproof.


  • Fleeces

Staying dry is essential, but staying warm is equally vital. The thick material traps your body heat in and sustains an ambient temperature. Plus, safety workwear fleeces are incredibly cosy and durable, making them an excellent addition to your autumnal wardrobe.


  • Sturdy safety shoes

We've already mentioned that staying dry is important, but this extends to your feet as well. The wet and cold weather means you need some sturdy safety footwear with high ankle support to prevent puddle splashes from going over the top. Keeping your foot dry is also vital to preventing fungal infections like athlete's foot. Depending on your environment, a boot or a wellington design may be best.


  • Hi-vis jackets

A lot of road accidents in 2011 were the result of poor visibility, making it a vital aspect of health and safety on darker autumn evenings. If you're working early mornings, evenings or nights, having the proper visibility with hi vis workwear can help keep you safe while providing an extra level of protection from the cold.


  • Hats and gloves

As one last safety accessory, keep your head and hands warm with quality hats and gloves during the autumn period. You lose a lot of heat through your extremities, so keep them insulated with industry-standard products.

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