Buckler Buckshot 2 Safety Lace Boot (Brown) BSH009WPBR

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Size: 6
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These Buckler Buckshot 2 Safety Lace Boots are the new generation of injection moulded safety boots.

Offering an endless list of extremely high levels of protection, from their (300ºC) Resistant Rubber Outsole to their steel midsol and toe caps - these boots have it all covered.

✅ Anti-scuff Toe Protector

✅ Heat (300ºC) Resistant Rubber Outsole

✅ Memory Insoles

✅ Antistatic

✅ Oil Resistant Rubber Outsole

✅ Slip Resistant - max test (SRC)

✅ Steel Midsole

✅ Steel Toe Cap

✅ Waterproof

✅ Black Crazy Horse Leather

✅ Sole - Buckshot Rubber PU Sole


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