Thinsulate Shooters Mitt




These Thinsulate Shooters Mitts provide excellent comfort and allows workers the ability to keep hands warm whilst giving your fingers freedom of movement with a removable fingertip cover. Use touchscreen mobile devices, type, sort through paperwork, access tools, screws and bolts with ease during cold working conditions.

You don't need a gun or a fishing rod to appreciate the shooter's mitt. If you're looking for a combination of warmth and fine finger control, this is your most versatile style of glove. For detailed work, the main part is a fingerless glove; for warmth, a mitten-style flap flips over to cover your fingers.

Available in black.

✅ 40GSM thinsulate lined

✅ 100% acrylic

Wilsons Workwear are suppliers of high quality workwear across the UK.

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